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Moving to Charleston, South Carolina

Moving to Charleston, South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Abberly at West Ashley, Charleston, SCCharleston, SC is an easy city to live in. With its historical architecture, mild temperatures, amazing restaurants and sophisticated culture, it's no surprise that people come from all over the world to enjoy a little slice of Southern charm and live the Charleston lifestyle.

Where to Live

Getting Away From Downtown. While Charleston is best known for the historic downtown area, there are plenty of areas just a few minutes away with homes more reasonably priced. James Island, Johns Island, West Ashley, North Charleston and Mount Pleasant are all within a 10-minute drive from downtown.

Finding Fun

Fishing. Charleston is surrounded by water, and you can spot sailboats out in the harbor on any day of the week. There’s a large sport-fishing community as well, where some do it for fun while others make their living on the water running charter boat fishing trips. There are still families of shrimpers and fishermen who provide their catch to markets and restaurants. Serving local seafood is a point of pride for Charleston restaurants, and they do their part to support the local economy. Besides, fresh seafood just tastes better.

Getting Active. Charleston is a great place to run or ride your bike with great views of the water — from the Battery to Waterfront Park. A new pedestrian and cycling lane was added to the new Cooper River Bridge and is now used every day by locals and tourists alike. The bridge connects the city of Charleston to the town of Mount Pleasant with a 2.7-mile route each way over Charleston Harbor.

A Golfer's Paradise. The mild climate in Charleston is perfect for playing golf and tennis all year, and there are many public and private golf courses and tennis courts. In 2010, Charleston was even named the USTA’s “Best Tennis Town,” beating larger cities such as Atlanta and Richmond.

In Charleston, there is always something going on. World-class festivals like the Southeastern Wildlife Expo, the Wine and Food festival, Charleston Fashion Week, the Family Circle Tennis Cup and the Spoleto Festival, USA, attract thousands from across the U.S. and other countries. In Charleston, there’s really no “off” season. Easy waterfront access makes fishing a way of life for many Charleston locals.

Cost of Living

Smart Spending. Charleston boasts great restaurants, beautiful nearby beaches and a wide array of outdoor activities. But taking part in all the city has to offer isn't cheap. Eating out and paying to park really adds up, so you can cut costs by living, shopping and eating in neighborhoods away from the peninsula.

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Charleston, SC: Where So Many People Want to Live!

Charleston, SC: Where So Many People Want to Live!

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Abberly West Ashley, Charleston, SCWhether it be a searing hot job market, affordable housing, or a booming entertainment scene, there are cities that are best cities to move to in 2017.

Looking to move? Look no further. The best cities of 2017 are the perfect storm of fun and economics. Whether it be a searing hot job market, affordable housing, or a booming entertainment scene, Charleston is one of the best cities to move to in 2017.

Charleston, SC

When you think “quaint,” think Charleston. From horse-drawn carriages to antebellum houses, this cobblestone-ridden city is home to thriving businesses and nautical entertainment. “Everything you’ve heard is true.”

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Reasons to Move to South Carolina

Reasons to Move to South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Abberly West Ashley, Charleston, SCFrom its rich culture and vibrant heritage to the natural beauty and acres upon acres of green space, South Carolina is one of those states you can’t help but love. It’s the 23rd most populous state—with almost 5 million people calling it home. And we've got eight reasons why you may want to do this, as well.

1. A slower pace of life

You truly have the best of both worlds in South Carolina. The major cities, like Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville, boast a myriad of entertainment, arts, and delicious culinary wonders, but still offer residents the opportunity to take a step back, unplug from the rat race, and enjoy the sweet, slow pace of southern life.

2. Affordability

Your wallet will be happier in South Carolina than most places in the country. The cost of living here is remarkably low—almost 13% lower than the national average. Here and you’ll have enough money to vacation wherever you want—whether that means crossing the ocean or hitting up a dreamy bed and breakfast to explore the rest of this beautiful state.

3. The beach

Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, Hilton Head: The list goes on and on. With miles of seashore, luxurious resorts, and plenty of offshore recreation, South Carolina is every beach bum’s dream come true. You can have your pick of beaches: whether you’re looking for a vacation hub crawling with nightlife and amusement parks like Myrtle Beach, or a more remote and pristine getaway like Kiawah Island. Silky white sand awaits—all you have to do is pick your poison.

4. Southern hospitality at its finest

Rumor has it sweet tea was born in South Carolina. And hey, there’s even Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka for the grown-ups. The tea might be sweet, but the people are even sweeter. Conde Nast actually listed Charleston as the third friendliest city in America in its 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards, noting its laidback and sophisticated atmosphere.

5. Natural beauty

With century old oaks and silky white sand, South Carolina is home to an abundance of natural beauty. The water is clear and the sunsets here rival Hawaii. Take a stroll down historic lanes lined with ancient trees (like the famous Angel Oak, estimated to be more than 400 years old) draped with ethereal Spanish moss and you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever lived anywhere else.

6. Warm weather

Farewell, winter coats; hello, short sleeves. The average temperature in South Carolina is about 64 degrees, with annual lows in the 50s. The warm, sunny climate means you get to spend at least seven to eight months enjoying all the weather has to offer.

7. All the green space / parks

Lace up your hiking boots and grab a map—South Carolina is a great state to get in touch with your explorer side and connect with nature. Here you’ll find 47 state parks covering more than 80,000 acres of land. Named one of the top 25 beaches by TripAdvisor, Hunting Island State Park is a perfect destination for swimming or sunbathing—or even fishing in one of the island’s lagoons. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, consider taking a hike to Raven Cliff Falls in Caesars Head State Park, observing the wildlife at Swan Lake Iris Gardens, or canoeing down the waters of Congaree National Park.

8. History galore

The famous city of Charleston—with its antebellum architecture and charming cobblestone streets—isn’t South Carolina’s only nod to history. There are many sights to been seen in downtown Beaufort, which was founded in 1711 and is the second oldest city in South Carolina. The whole state is draped in a mesmerizing history, from the USS Yorktown and Fort Sumter, to the century old Sheldon Church Ruins (above) and Botany Bay Plantation Heritage.

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Charleston is One of the Most Affordable Cities in South Carolina

Charleston is One of the Most Affordable Cities in South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Abberly West Ashley, Charleston, SCThere a South Carolina cities that offer affordable living to even the most budget conscious of residents.

If majestic palmettos and access to some of the best beaches in the U.S. aren’t enough motivation for you to move, perhaps the low cost of living in South Carolina will convince you.

But the cities on this list aren’t necessarily just the cheapest places in SC. Instead, we looked at the average cost of living, as well as key components such as transportation, housing, dining options, and utilities. From this, we looked for cities that offered a nice balance between affordability and quality of life.

1. Charleston

With an expansive dining, art and shopping scene, as well as history galore, are you surprised to find that South Carolina’s second largest city is an affordable place to call home?

Charleston’s median home price hovers at $248,200 while the median household income sits at $52,971, which isn’t bad for what residents enjoy.

Founded in 1670, Charleston is the oldest city in the state, and as such, historic homes, churches and other structures dot nearly every corner of it. Another piece of trivia: The first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.

Considered one of the top cities for theater, Charleston is the site of the popular Spoleto Festival USA, a performing arts event held every spring.

For more information on apartments in Ladson, SC in North Charleston, contact Abberly Crossing.


Moving to and Living in Charleston, SC Area

Moving to and Living in Charleston, SC Area

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Abberly at West Ashley, Charleston, SCFilled with Colonial Era Architecture and Cobble Stoned Streets: Charleston is Historic, Charming and Distinctly Southern. Thinking about moving to Charleston?

Living In and Around the Charleston Area

The Charleston metropolitan area is situated around the southern coast of South Carolina, which covers Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. Charleston was first settled in 1670 and originally named Charles Town to honor the British monarch, King Charles II. Living here will give you a peek into America's colonial history. While Charleston is the area's most renowned and populous city, North Charleston is almost as large and just as lovely. Hanahan, Knightsville and Daniel Island are all smaller towns, and they each boast a more suburban lifestyle and laid-back vibe.

What’s the Cost of Living in Charleston Area?

If you're moving to the Charleston area, you'll need to figure out the average cost of living. Charleston itself is slightly more expensive compared to the rest of the country, mainly due to higher housing costs. The brick homes that line Charleston's cobbled streets are incredibly picturesque, so there's a consistently high demand for them. A one-bedroom apartment in Charleston will cost around $1,100 a month. However, a two-bedroom apartment goes for $1,300, so consider getting a roommate to save money. If you're close to downtown Charleston, you can get around using the CARTA bus system. But if you're in North Charleston or the surrounding cities and suburbs, think about getting a car.

Living in the Charleston Metro Area

Featuring centuries-old colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, Charleston has a quaint beauty that's unmatched by any other American city. While many residents have a car, it's just as easy to get around using the CARTA bus system or the trolley. Even outside the city limits, the Charleston area is astoundingly picturesque. Weeping willows, Magnolia trees and other lush greenery can be found throughout the islands and towns surrounding the Charleston Bay, making this the perfect place for nature lovers. Whether you're living in Charleston or in one of the surrounding towns, you can easily go canoeing, kayaking or on a scenic nature walk.

Jobs & Employment in the Charleston Metro Area

With less than a 5 percent unemployment rate, moving to Charleston will give you a leg up in the job market. After all, it boasts a slightly higher rate of employment than the rest of the U.S. The area's top industries are healthcare, sales and manufacturing, and some of its biggest employers include the (U.S Air Force and Navy) Joint Base Charleston, Boeing South Carolina and Roper St. Francis Healthcare. The Charleston metropolitan area has a predicted job growth rate of 40 percent over the next decade, making this a great place to live if you're looking for a long-term career.

About Charleston

Charleston About Charleston Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina and also the 2nd largest. Known for its gorgeous colonial architecture, award-winning restaurants, thriving art scene and prime shopping opportunities, Charleston is both a world-class destination and an amazing place to work and live. It's also home to numerous cultural events, making it easy to find fun things to do. Be sure to check out the Lowcountry Oyster Festival, the Charleston Marathon and Historic Charleston Foundation's Festival of Houses and Gardens to see why Charleston is such a great place to be.

Best Neighborhoods in Charleston

West Ashley and Bayside Manor are both vibrant neighborhoods in Charleston, whereas Hanahan is a city with a much more suburban vibe. Daniel Island and James Island are their own islands nestled conveniently away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding cities. No matter what lifestyle you're most accustomed to, the Charleston area has a neighborhood that's perfect for you.

About West Ashley

West Ashley, one of the city's six distinct areas, actually refers to any part of Charleston that's west of the Ashley River. West Ashley is especially preferable for young urbanites. Here, you'll find a plethora of distinguished neighborhoods. In each of these areas, you'll be able to find many of the brick buildings that make Charleston so charming, as well as a variety of retail shops and cultural amenities.

For more information on apartments in Charleston, SC contact Abberly West Ashley.


South Carolina is One of the Best States for Retirement

South Carolina is One of the Best States for Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Abberly West Ashley, Charleston, SC6. South Carolina

  • Population: 4.7 million
  • Share of population 65+: 14.7%
  • Cost of living: 12% below the U.S. average
  • Average income for 65+ households: $39,985
  • Average health care costs for a retired couple: Below average at $373,631
  • South Carolina's tax rating for retirees: Tax Friendly

If the mild weather and southern charm of the Palmetto State isn't enough of a retirement draw for you, surely the affordability can tempt you. On top of well-below-average living costs, the tax situation goes easy on a fixed income, too. South Carolina doesn't tax Social Security benefits and offers generous exemptions on other types of retirement income. It also does not levy an inheritance or estate tax. Property taxes tend to be very low.

South Carolina also offers ample amounts of golfing, beach bumming and water activities.

For more information on retiring an apartment in Ladson, SC contact Abberly Crossing.

Renting a Home is at a 50-Year High

Renting a Home is at a 50-Year High

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Abberly West Ashley, Charleston, SCDue to lingering effects of the 2008 housing crisis, renting has become a widely popular option for those hoping to combine an independent lifestyle with affordability. In fact, more Americans are actually renting a home than at any point since at least 1965.

While the number of U.S. households jumped 7.6 million from 2006 to 2016, the amount of homes owned rather than rented actually remained flat. In turn, the amount of households choosing to rent rose from 31.2 percent in 2006 to 36.6 percent in 2016. This nearly reaches the all-time high set in 1965 of exactly 37 percent.

While renting has historically been more common for nonwhites and young adults, the trend has been increasing all across the board. More whites and middle aged adults are renting than ever before, arguably due to financial reasons more than anything. Many Americans — both renters and owners alike — believe it’s currently a seller’s market and therefore not a great time to make a purchase. The recent nationwide spike in median home values paired with rising competition doesn’t help justify buying a home either.

While rental rates have increased among many groups, young adults — younger than 35— continue to rent more than any other age group. Millennials often want to leave their childhood home, but they don’t necessarily have the means to buy their own place just yet. In fact, many of them don’t want to at all — recent trends such as the decline of the McMansion and the surge of millennials living in cities indicate Generation Y finds other factors more important than square footage.

For more information on renting apartments in Charleston, SC, contact Abberly West Ashley.


Retire in Charleston, SC

Retire in Charleston, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Abberly West Ashley, Charleston, SCFor the more than 36 million Americans who will turn 65 in the coming decade, the best cities and towns to retire in now have a much higher bar to clear: They can't just be great places -- they have to be affordable. Each week, tours a different state to find less-expensive alternatives to the most well-known golden year destinations.

Spend a day or two in the Palmetto State, and you may quickly understand the state slogan -- "smiling faces and beautiful places." But residents say there's more to South Carolina than Southern charm and beautiful landscape, including its world renowned Lowcountry region that extends 150 miles along the state's coast. The state also boasts low property taxes and zero state estate tax. And while a growing number of retirees have been flocking to the state for its mild winters and slower pace, the state remains a bit of an "undiscovered gem."

And while many of the state's smaller cities and towns are filled with historical sites and a good mix of cultural offerings, residents say it isn't the place to come strictly for shopping or nightlife.

Charleston, SC: For the foodie

This city has certainly been discovered by retirees. In fact, it frequently pops up on "best places to retire" lists thanks to the warm weather, access to some of the best beaches east of the Mississippi, award-winning restaurants and its offering of arts, culture and entertainment. All this, plus cobblestone streets lined with Spanish moss-draped trees and stunning antebellum mansions. And did we mention the food? Critic Anthony Bourdain recently wrote that the Charleston restaurant scene is exciting and deserving of more attention. Bev Seinsheimer, a broker at Carriage Properties in Charleston, adds that "some retirees don't even cook because the restaurants are so good here." Another plus: The 17-day Spoleto Festival in May and June offers performances by famous artists from around the country in opera, theater, dance, chamber, symphonic, choral and jazz music. Charleston hosts so many cultural events it landed in the top ten of "America's Favorite Cities" for theater and performing arts, according to a 2010 Travel & Leisure survey. In fact, so much is going on in Charleston it can feel overrun with tourists at times. Roughly 4 million people visit the city each year.

For more information on apartments in Charleston, SC contact Abberly West Ashley.


The Best Towns for Young Families in South Carolina

The Best Towns for Young Families in South Carolina

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Abberly West Ashley, Charleston, SCTourists may come to South Carolina for the Southern cooking, fresh produce and ocean views, but young families stay for more.

With that in mind, NerdWallet focused on the following questions in our analysis of cities and towns across the state:

1. Does the town have good public schools? We measured schools’ academic performance with ratings from GreatSchools. This non-profit compares a given school’s standardized test scores to the state average to obtain a rating on a 1 to 10 scale (10 representing the highest score). Higher ratings led to a higher overall score.

2. Can you afford to live there? We looked at both average home values in each town and ongoing monthly home costs, including mortgage payments, real estate taxes, insurance costs, utilities, fuel and other bills. Lower costs led to a higher overall score.

3. Is the town growing and prospering? We assessed a town’s economy by looking at average household income and income growth over the last decade. Higher income and greater growth led to a higher overall score.

The best towns in South Carolina for young families

9. Charleston

Charleston’s historic downtown is among the most elegant in the nation. It maintains the city’s antebellum architecture and features cobblestone streets trodden by horse-drawn carriages. The economy, by contrast, is entirely modern, and it has been adding jobs to the city at a tremendous rate since the early aughts. Engineering, in particular, has seen growth with companies like Boeing establishing offices here in the last several years.

For more information on apartments in Charleston, SC, contact Abberly West Ashley.


Charleston, SC Rent Trails National Average

Charleston, SC Rent Trails National Average

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Abberly at West Ashley Apartment Homes, Charleston, SCApartments in the Lowcountry are less expensive than the national midpoint, and prices are falling just as rates across the country are on the rise.

In its June study, Apartment List notes that Charleston's median rent stands about 6 percent below the national average. "As rents have fallen in Charleston, many other large cities nationwide have seen prices increase, in some cases substantially. Charleston is still more affordable than most similar cities across the country," the company says.

The Apartment List monthly report tracks rent growth, median prices and market trends. This month, the company includes major updates to its calculations. The changes generally have to do providing rent estimates that guard from skewing toward luxury apartments as in the past.

Among highlights of the local apartment outlook:

Rents in Charleston dipped 0.1 percent in the past month, and sank 2.3 percent year-over-year.

  • Midpoint rental prices tend to be more affordable here than comparable cities elsewhere in the U.S: Charleston's median two-bedroom rent is below the national average. San Francisco, by contrast, has a median two-bedroom rent of more than twice the price in the Lowcountry.
  • Charleston's year-over-year rent change lags the state average, up 1.6 percent, as well as the national 2.6 percent average growth. Countrywide, rents have risen 0.5 percent in the past month.

For more information on apartments in Charleston, SC contact Abberly West Ashley.


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